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Burlesque dating

With the invention of Internet dating and apps like tinder, girls are going on more and more dates.

If you want to stand-out from the crowd you’re going to have to do something different to secure a good night and more importantly a second date.

There’s innocence and intrigue in traditional burlesque that just can’t be found at, say, Shotgun Willie’s, or at the far spectrum of cable TV channels, where 60 minutes of footage will cost you beaucoup bucks — and probably nix any chance at a second date.

Burlesque offers a return to a simpler time when sexuality was more nuanced and subtle, but somehow sexier?

darn it I was looking forward to the cape and tights..

Therefore we maintain a reputation as one of Glasgow’s best kept secrets.For those who prefer a barstool over a ballroom, bourbon straight and beer in a can, places like 3 Kings Tavern on South Broadway or Tennyson’s Tap in the Highlands bring sexy and semi-seedy together.They ain’t your average skin bars, but then there’s no telling what happens after a few shots are thrown down.And whether or not your date thinks so may say a lot about how far your relationship will go.Is it gonna be all tease, or will they reveal their whole self?

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At The Clocktower Cabaret, inside the historic Daniels and Fisher Tower in downtown Denver, the only thing keeping guests off the stage is a few extra bucks: VIP guests can join Fannie Spankings under the spotlight for a bump-and-grind tutorial, complete with boas, props and enough embarrassing pictures to last a lifetime. Aside from the awkwardness that might arise from trying to shimmy your shoulders or shake your booty for the first time in front of a roomful of strangers, burlesque shows often provide a comfortable setting where pretenses can just fade away.

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